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Sprinkler Repair Price List

Services available 7 days a week!

(weekend service is by appointment)

Services available 7 days a week!

( A licensed technician will arrive in a fully stocked truck. This service visit includes a no obligation visual and physical inspection of your system to obtain an estimate for cost of repairs, modifications, upgrades etc.) FREE ESTIMATES ARE PROVIDED FOR INSTALLATIONS, MAJOR REVISIONS AND UPGRADES.

Consulting, project-supervision, and design-services are by bid.

Call for details (Availability of this service subject to our workload)

These prices INCLUDE ALL PARTS AND LABOR performed after the initial Service Visit. Flat rate pricing no hidden costs or up sells.

To replace (1) 4" pop-up spray head(Nozzle included)


To replace (1) 6" pop-up spray head (Nozzle included)


To replace (1) 12" pop-up spray head (Nozzle included)


To replace (1) 12" pop-up spray head (Nozzle included)


To replace (1) turf rotor (includes swing joint)


To add (1) turf rotor


To add(1) 4" pop-up spray head


To add (1) 6" pop-up spray head


To add (1) 12" pop-up spray head


To add (1) PVC spray riser


To repair ½”-3/4” PVC pipe


To repair 1" PVC pipe


To repair 1-1/4" PVC pipe


To repair 1-1/2" PVC pipe


To repair 2" PVC pipe


To repair 2-1/2" PVC pipe


To repair 4" PVC pipe


To locate an electric valve

60.00 minimum (No find No charge policy!)

To replace a 1" electric valve

100.00 minimum (this price depends upon if valve can be rebuilt or if it has to be excavated and cut-out)

To replace a 1-1/2" electric valve

250.00 minimum

To replace (1) spray nozzle


To replace (1) MP Rotator spray nozzle (spider pattern)


To raise or lower spray head or rotor

30.00 (If you need more than two or several price is 60.00 pr hr plus parts @ retail)

To re-locate spray head or turf rotor

80.00 minimum

To replace rain sensor (parts &labor)

90.00-140.00 (wireless models extra)

Electrical trouble shooting

75.00 per hour minimum (then 16.00 per 15 min increments)

Note: Sometimes valves can be rebuilt at about 50% of replacement cost. In an effort provide you with affordable service and savings I will discuss this option with you.

Call or email for any other service not listed above. Usually 65.00 per hr plus parts @ retail.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience: Cash, Checks, Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal.

*Will also consider valued items for barter. Please send me your barter offers only by e-mail or text. All offers will be reviewed and considered. I will reply to all offers discreetly.*

No PayPal account required

Safe secure all you need is a valid email + card, ask for more details!

All pricing reflects STANDARD SERVICE

(Note: “standard service” means normal situations. If I’m adding a spray head and have to dig a trench 0-15 feet, that is standard service. If someone wants me to add a spray head 150 feet away (by way of exaggeration) it would be 60.00 per hour plus parts at RETAIL. Replacing a rotor is 50.00. Replacing a rotor buried under concrete is 60.00 per hour plus retail price for the rotor.)

I think you get the picture.

Thanks for visiting!

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