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Sprinkler Services

Our services are offered 7 days a week, with no extra charge for weekend services! (Note: weekend service is offered by appointment)

Repair Service

  • Heads & Valves

HEADS–The most common service request I receive is to replace broken sprinkler heads. There are many reasons why heads need to be replaced–they’re driven over by lawn mowers, edgers, weed eaters, car tires…or…they become clogged, sometimes fatally by debris…or…your dog chews the top off…or…they just plain wear out. It is very important to replace defective heads as soon as possible in order to get the water where its needed efficiently and effectively. Also as time goes on your turf will usually become thicker and the heads will start to be covered and obstructed. When this happens water will be obstructed and you won't get proper coverage resulting in wet and dry spots (most common problem affecting overall performance of a system). To fix this the heads need to be raised and aligned to the proper height to insure proper operation and coverage.

VALVES– Valves are like gates that open and close allowing water to flow. Each zone in your system has its own valve. Valves in general are pretty tough, they operate underground season after season enduring extreme temperature changes, mineral build-up from hard water and high water pressures, but like any other mechanical device they eventually need servicing. If you have a zone that is not coming on, not shutting off, or is erratic, usually there is a problem with the valve for that zone. I will locate the valve and determine the malfunction. I stock most parts for rebuilding most valves. Sometimes the valve needs to be completely replaced. I will discuss the options with you.

  • Leaks

A leak in a sprinkler system can sometimes be the easiest problem to resolve. It can also be the most difficult. A low-tech but effective approach to solving leaks is to follow the water to it’s source do a little digging and identify the location and cause of the leak. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is not. In cases where there is no water coming to the surface but the water meter turns constantly ( click here for do-it-yourself tips on identifying leaks), this type of situation can sometimes be the most difficult to resolve. In these cases, we thoroughly inspect the premises for telltale signs of a leak, and sometimes recommend a high tech leak detection service. These companies generally inject inert helium gas into your system and track where the gas comes out of the ground. There is usually a hefty price tag to go with this approach, but, sometimes it’s the only solution. When a leak is identified, we are prepared to repair most types and sizes of pipes and connectors. Some leaks are the responsibility of the water company. Certain leaks require that a licensed plumber make the repair. We will be happy to check it out and advise you accordingly.

  • Electrical Repairs 

The electrical components of an automatic sprinkler system generally consist of a Controller, Power Source, Electric Valves, Wiring and a Rain Switch to cut power from the controller when activated. All of these components are subject to power surges, lightning, shorts, impact damage and even damage by pets. I will do my best to troubleshoot, identify and isolate electrical problems by using electronic diagnostic equipment, and by interviewing the contact person regarding recent system behavior. **** Note, it is very important to know who might have been digging on the property recently****. About half of all electrical problems are related to digging in the yard by avid gardeners, handy men or the utility companies. Every bit of information can be very important in identifying and resolving mysterious electrical issues.

  • Controller Problems

The controller is the brain of your automatic sprinkler system. It does exactly what its name implies "control". There are dozens of models available with tons of features. Some have multiple program capabilities with multiple start times. Most are digital. Some have test programs built in. Some have internal diagnostic programs that will check out the health of the wires and valves in your system. Very often what appears to be a controller issue is a programming problem or an “Operator Error” problem. Sometimes the problem can be solved by a phone call or by referring to the information section of this website where operating manuals for most controllers can be found. Most newer digital controllers can sometimes be cleared or re-booted to resolve erratic behavior. If you do need a new controller I can help you choose the right one for your irrigation needs.

  • Modifications and Upgrades

As time goes on it may become necessary for you to change the layout of your irrigation system. Sometimes plants grow and don't need as much water. Perhaps new changes to your landscape require heads or entire zones to be moved or added. Whatever the reason I can help you get the water where you need it. I offer free estimates and recommendations for an efficient, affordable modification or upgrade. *** Take Note, if you are planning on making changes to your landscape, i.e. pool, deck, pond, patio take a minute to read this it may save you a headache and money.***Click here to read***

  • Valve and wire locating

Most of your sprinkler system is buried throughout your yard and sometimes it becomes necessary to locate some of these parts for repair purposes or to identify them during construction, renovations, or landscaping. Looking for broken wires or a lost valve can sometimes be very time consuming and like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately technology allows us to use an electronic valve and wire locator which sends a specific signal along the control wires to the valves. This signal is detected by a hand held receiver and in the right hands can be extremely accurate in locating wires and valves. *****Important, if you are having a sprinkler system installed insist on a detailed as-built drawing/diagram as part of your contract (effective 1/1/2009 New Texas irrigation rules Click here to read). Its also not a bad idea to take a simple camera and take a few pictures of the zones and components as they are put in the ground. Knowing where it lies can save you a bunch should you have to service your system.****

  • Design and Consultation

If you are considering installing your own system and not sure about how to design an efficient, hydraulically correct system, that meets or exceeds your lawns requirements. I can help. Also you may only need specific parts of your installation farmed out, for example the wiring, back flow device etc. (These services are subject to my workload and availability.)

  • Spring Start up

Your sprinkler system like any other piece of machinery or mechanical device it requires periodic maintenance and service to insure proper operation and longevity. Its a good idea to get your system checked out, serviced and ready for the spring and summer months. Spotting and fixing potential problems early can save you down time and MONEY! A Spring start up check up includes the following.

  • Turn on the water supply at the meter, cut off valve, or isolation valve, depending on the set-up.
  • Verify operation of back flow device and service, if necessary.
  • Flush, service, and close any faucets or other access points. (pool or fountain fills, etc.)
  • Verify that the mainline is intact and the meter comes to a stop (no leaks)
  • Verify that the controller is working correctly. Reset time, date, or other program data.
  • Turn each zone on and verify correct operation of each valve.
  • Walk through all zones to check all sprinkler heads for correct operation and coverage.
  • Adjust heads and rotors as needed; any repairs additional
  • Verify that all zones have shut off properly and re-check meter for movement (leaks)
  • Written evaluation and recommendations to customer.

Before you make the call for service you might want to follow this simple check list. It may save you time and money!

  • Is the water turned on at the meter?
  • Is the water turned on at the back flow ? [if applicable]
  • Is the controller plugged in?
  • Is the electrical outlet working? [plug in a lamp to try it]

Sometimes it is easy to overlook a simple solution.

Other Services

  • Custom Sprinkler System Installation
  • Drainage
  • Back-flow Testing TXBP0016066
  • Leaking Hose bibs

Tired of those dripping hose bibs? I can change them out and that wasted water can be used to keep your lawn green and healthy!

  • Wireless Rain sensors

Forget the wires these sensors can be installed almost anywhere in your yard. No more limitations due to wiring. The battery life is 5-10 yrs depending on model. Comply with local ordinances and make your system truly automatic!

  • Drainage systems

Poor drainage causes obvious problems: standing water, foul odor, insects, diseased or dying plants, mud and ruined turf. Planning and installing suitable drainage will solve these problems and prevent the site from turning into a maintenance nightmare during storms and rainy seasons. Call us for a FREE

evaluation of your property and situation. We can design and install a system to fit your needs. Some of the benefits of a properly designed and installed drainage system are listed below all our systems are guaranteed to work!

  • Erosion control - eliminates damaging the landscape
  • Elimination of standing water
  • Eliminates the damaging of turf, shrubs, trees, buildings, foundations, hardscapes, swimming pools
  • Keeps soil from holding too much water
  • Helps plant life grow and thrive
  • Basically keeps your property looking good

 French drain with walkway

Thanks for your visit!

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